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Clay Bodies (27 Varieties) / Stoneware Clay
Fireclay Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Widely used by production potters and large ceramic programs.
Fireclay Stoneware with Iron - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Our very popular Fireclay Stoneware body but with the addition of a small percentage of red iron.
Tableware Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Tableware clay is especially suited for functional work.
Buff Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 6-10. One of our most popular clays used in schools and is a primary choice for potters.
Buff Stoneware with Ochre - Wet  

Cone 6-10. Buff Stoneware with a small addition of ochre for added color.
Hi-Fire White Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 6-10. Formulated for strength, plasticity and whiteness.
Mid-Fire White Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 4-7. Versatile, economical cream colored clay
Mid-Range Oxidation Body - Wet  

Cone 4-8. Specifically formulated for workability on the wheel.
Mid-Range Oxidation Body with Manganese - Wet  

Cone 4-8. Granular Manganese added for a speckled effect.
Clay Bodies (27 Varieties)Stoneware Clay