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Continental Clay Bodies / Continental Wet Clay - All
B Clay Stoneware  

Cone 5-10. Porcelain-Stoneware blend.
B Clay Stoneware with Grog  

Cone 5-10. Porcelain-Stoneware blend.
Domestic Porcelain - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Easy to throw porcelain body made with US kaolins and clays.
Grolleg Porcelain - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Classic porcelain clay body is made with Grolleg kaolin from England for whiteness and plasticity
Grolleg Porcelain with Nylon Fiber - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Grolleg Porcelain with an addition of half inch long nylon fiber strands
Low Fire White Paper Clay  

Cone 06-4. Smooth, white earthenware with added paper for enhanced green strength.
Raku - Wet  

Cone 06-10. Great for use in programs that need a clay body that fires at all temperatures
Soda Clay  

Cone 10. Distinctive color tones unique to soda firing.
Wood Fire Porcelain  

Cone 8-12. Can withstand extreme kiln conditions.
Fireclay Stoneware - Wet  

Cone 8-10. Widely used by production potters and large ceramic programs.

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Continental Clay BodiesContinental Wet Clay - All