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Large Studio Equipment / Cabinets, Ware & Studio Carts
Brent Batmobile  

Sale Price $ 448.20 Includes BatBrace. A great way to store your unused bats.
Brent Compact Ware Cart  

Sale Price $ 441.00. Compact version of the dependable Brent Ware Cart EX. Ideal for small studios and classrooms.
Brent Kiln Shelf Cart  

New Lower Price $ 531.25. Holds kiln shelves efficiently.
Brent Smart Cart  

Sale Price $580.50. SmartCart easily maneuverable and can be stored away in closets.
Brent Ware Cart EX  

Sale Price $620.10 for Ware Cart set. Designed for stability, convenience and versatility.
Mobile Storage Cabinet - 3 drawers/1 door  

25% Off List Price
North Star Shelf Truck and Versa Cab  

Moderately priced but of industrial quality.The only fully adjustable heavy-duty ware truck (cart) available.
Debcor Combination Damp & Dry Cabinet 9300  

Combination unit with damp cabinet and drying cabinet spaces.
Debcor Damp Cabinet - Large 9100  

Keep your ceramic works-in-process projects in workable condition.
Debcor Damp Cabinet - Small 9150  

Smaller version of the Large Damp Cabinet.

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Large Studio EquipmentCabinets, Ware & Studio Carts