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Kilns / Skutt Ceramic Kilns
Skutt 1018 Kiln 2.5" Brick  

Easy Loading, easy firing. Cone 10
Skutt 1018-3 Kiln 3" Brick  

Easy Loading, easy firing. Cone 10
Skutt 1027-3 Kiln  

Cone 10 Electric kiln. 3" firebrick
Skutt 1218-3 Kiln  

3" brick wall, Cone 10 Electric kiln, 6.6 cu.ft.
Skutt 1227-3 Kiln  

3" brick wall. This is the perfect automatic electric kiln for high production. Cone 8
Skutt 1227-3PK Production Kiln  

The high volume Cone 10 Production Kiln power you’ve been looking for.
Skutt 1231-3 PK Production Kiln  

3" brick wall. Cone 10. Among the most powerful on the market today
Skutt 1627-3 Oval Production Kiln  

Cone 10. One of the most powerful kilns on the market.
Skutt 818 Kiln  

2-1/2" brick wall. Cone 10. Professional performance for small studios.
Skutt 818-3 Kiln  

3" brick wall. Cone 10

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