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Modeling Sculpting Taxidermy / Sculpting Tools
Armature Forms  

Head & Bust or Standing Figure
Nylon Tool Set  

Set of six flexible, strong nylon modeling tools, these tools are a fantastic deal and will last forever.
Plaster Tool Set  

5 piece plaster tool set
Ceramic Carving Spatula  

This multi-purpose tool has a blade for cutting and carving
Heavy Duty Scraper  

Sturdy stainless scraper for cleaning work surfaces and compressing slabs or tiles.
Kemper (RE) Sculpting Tools  

These tools combine the sharpened stainless steel ribbon cutting with the hardwood handled modeling tool. The cutting end is firmly attached with heavy duty brass ferrule with the lengths of each tool ranging from 8” to 9-1/2’.
Kemper Boxwood (JA) Modeling Tools  

Used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces. All are 6" in length.
Kemper Classique Sculpting Tool  

These combine smoothly finished hardwood sculpting and modeling handles with tough, sharpened steel cutting heads.
Kemper Dual Duty FT Series  

Heavy Duty Fleshing Tool (FT) Series Sculpting Tools
Kemper Industrial Rake Sculpting Tools  

Industrial Sculpting Tools

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Modeling Sculpting TaxidermySculpting Tools