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Kilns / Kiln Repair & Parts / Dawson Kiln Sitter & Parts

Dawson Kiln Sitter & Parts

  • Automatic shut off device which is used with the Orton Junior cone or Pyrobar.
  • Can be retro-fitted to fit most electric kilns.
  • New kilns should be ordered with kiln sitter factory installed from kiln manufacturer.
  • Limit timer is an optional back-up shut-off based on time, rather than temperature.
  • Sitters and Timers not ordered as original equipment must be installed by a qualified service representative.




Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
DSBP Plunger Button with Contacts   $27.75  Add
DSCS Cone Supports (pair)   $9.00  Add
DSFG Firing Gauge  $5.00  Add
DSG Gasket for "P" Sitter Tube #4 Tube Gasket $4.50  Add
DSGP Guide Plate: Dawson Kiln Sitter   $6.75  Add
DSLT3 LT3 Dawson Sitter with Timer   $150.00  Add
DSMAN Sitter Manual - Specify P-K. LT3, LT3-Kspecify $4.50  Add
DSROD Sensing Rod - Specify 8" or 12" specify $9.00  Add
DSTKL "K" Long Tube Assembly: Dawson 2-1/2"   $48.00  Add
DSTKS "K" Short Tube Assembly: Dawson   $48.00  Add
DSTKXL "K" Extra Long Tube Assembly: Dawson 3"   $48.00  Add
DSTM20 Timer Motor - 20 hour - Specify Voltage specify $57.00  Add
DSTRIG Trigger   $4.00  Add
Kilns / Kiln Repair & Parts / Dawson Kiln Sitter & Parts