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/ / L & L Vent-Sure Kiln Vent System

L & L Vent-Sure Kiln Vent System

The vent blower motor is mounted on the wall. This keeps the heat of the kiln away from the motor (for long motor life) and keeps the motor vibration away from the kiln (which can cause ware to move, damage to the kiln, and misfiring of cones on a Dawson Kiln Sitter).

  • The vent tubing is kept under vacuum instead of pressure. This insures that any leak in the tubing does not blow noxious fumes into your room.
  • External venting is safer and surer than venting to the inside of your kiln room with a filter.
  • The blower vents up to 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This will handle up to a 20 cubic foot kiln (and usually larger). More than one vent can be attached to a kiln. Only 1.37 amps.
  • The blower motor features a 6 foot long 120 volt 15 amp power cord. An On/Off switch is located on the cord.
  • A vacuum bypass on the kiln bypass/collection box adjusts the amount of venting from the system. Don’t waste heat and energy by venting more than you need. Adjust vent to kiln size.
  • 15 feet of flexible expandable aluminum 3" diameter duct is included along with necessary hose clamps. Longer lengths or lengths of 3" stove pipe can be used as well. Length can be as great as 60 feet horizontal or vertical with up to four 90 degree bends.

    Free Vent Promotion for May 2016

    OPTION 1: Get a free Vent-Sure downdraft vent system with any Easy-Fire, School-Master, Liberty-Belle, eQuad-Pro, Jupiter, JH Series, DaVinci, Hercules or Easy-Load kiln purchased with a furniture kit in May.

    OPTION 2: Get a Vent-Sure downdraft vent system for 50% off if you buy any of the above kilns without a furniture kit in May.

    This is a limited time offer and expires on May 31, 2016


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
LLVENT Vent-Sure Vent System120 volt $480.00  Add
/ / L & L Vent-Sure Kiln Vent System