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Glaze / Amaco K-6 Glaze Class Pack Sets 20% Off
Amaco Teacher's Choice (TC) Glazes  

Cone 05. 25% Off Gallon Class Pack. AMACO® Teacher's Choice (TC) gloss glazes are completely intermixable
Amaco Teacher's Palette Class Packs (TP)  

Available in 16 fully intermixable colors, Teacher's Palette™ (TP) gloss glazes offer limitless color for limited budgets. Cone 05. LEAD FREE
Amaco F Series Class Pack Sets  

Sale Price $ 86.40. LEAD FREE 6 or 12 pint sets.
Amaco Potter's Choice (PC) Class Pack #1  

Sale Price $ 48.00. LEAD FREE K-6 six pint set
Artist's Choice (A) Glaze Class Pack #2  

NEW! Contains the NEW Artist's Choice colors. LEAD FREE
Crystaltex (CTL) Class Pack Set #2  

LEAD FREE K-6 six pint set
High Fire (HF) Glaze Class Pack  

12 pints LEAD FREE
K-6 Gloss Glaze (LG) Class Pack  

LEAD FREE 12 pint set. #39216T
K-6 Sampler Class Pack #2  

LEAD FREE 12 pint set. #39223D
K-6 Sampler Class Pack Set #1  

LEAD FREE 12 pint set. #39217V

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GlazeAmaco K-6 Glaze Class Pack Sets 20% Off