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Underglaze - Mayco / Mayco Underglaze UG053-100

Mayco Underglaze UG053-100

Intermixable:Mayco’s Underglazes can be ‘palette mixed’ just like paints.
Sgraffito: A technique that employs carving designs into the clay/greenware. Application of Underglazes creates a dimensional effect.
Matte Finish: Create depth and contrast with the matte finish of an Underglaze combined with a gloss glaze like Stroke & Coat®.
Cone 6: A wide variety of Mayco's Underglazes are perfect for use at mid-range temperatures.

-Apply to green-ware or shelf cone 04 bisque.
-For best results, apply color in a flowing motion, keeping brush adequately loaded with glaze.
-Allow first coat to dry. Apply second coat at a right angle to first coat (cross hatching). If desired, apply third coat at right angle to second coat.
-If applied to green-ware, fire to shelf cone 04. If desired, apply clear glaze and re-fire to shelf cone 06/05.
-If applied to bisque, clear glaze can be applied directly to the unfired Underglaze and then fired to shelf cone 06/05.

Available in 2 oz. bottles


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Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
GMUG053T 053 Silver Grey2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG057T 057 Spice Brown2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG058T 058 Harvest Gold2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG067T 067 Ivory2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG068T 068 Apple Green2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG072T 072 Wedgewood2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG082T 082 Tuscan Turquoise2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG085T 085 Orange Sorbet2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG087T 087 Regal Purple 2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG090T 090 Green Mist2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG091T 091 True Teal2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG092T 092 Lilac 2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG093T 093 Wild Violet2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG094T 094 Pansy Purple2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG097T 097 Bright Blue2 oz. $3.85  Add
GMUG100T 100 Terra Cotta2 oz. $3.85  Add
Underglaze - Mayco / Mayco Underglaze UG053-100