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Glaze - Mayco / Mayco Crystalites™ S - 2000's

Mayco Crystalites™ S - 2000's

Mayco's crystal glazes, Crystalites™ and Jungle Gems™, are non-toxic gloss glazes that contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process.  As these crystals "bloom" and spread they produce dramatic, colorful effects. Our crystal glazes feature a fluid base glaze which allows for greater crystal flow and movement.


Some qualities of Mayco's Crystal glazes include:

Firing Temperature - can be fired from cone 06; cone 6 and cone 10 firings can yield interesting results.

Free Flowing Formula - allows crystals to blossom or develop into colorful flowing arrays during the firing

Body - can be applied to earthenware, stoneware or porcelain


Application Recommendations:

The following application recommendations are based upon the original product development intent and use for the product.

Shake well prior to each application coat.  The reason for this recommendation is that the crystals will settle to the bottom of the jar in a short period of time. If you notice the crystals settling during an application you can either dip your brush to the bottom of the jar to re-dispense or attach the lid and shake vigorously.


During the application of the third coat of glaze you may find it necessary to re-distribute crystals, or add crystals, on your piece to assure balanced coverage. Use your brush to push crystals onto thinly covered areas or dip your brush into the jar and gather crystals onto it, then "pat" them on the sparsely covered areas.


We recommend a broad, soft brush, such as a Soft Fan Brush, to apply crystal glazes. The fan brush may help more in the even disbursement of the crystals, thus creating a more pleasing pattern in the fired glaze.


Because of the flowing nature of the base glaze and the crystals we suggest tapering off the number of crystals applied to the bottom third of vertical piece.  Glaze and crystals could run off the piece or gather at the base and form unsightly lumps.  Similarly horizontal pieces, such as a plate, could cause the glaze to pool excessively if crystals are too heavily gathered on sloped section of the piece.


Crystalites™ and Jungle Gems™, were designed to fire to cone 06.  Higher temperature firings will change the colors from cone 06 results and movement and flow WILL increase.

Discontinued colors available only while current stock lasts.


Mayco Discount

20% Off 12 or more.

10% Off 6 or more.

Mix and match, same size

Discount is applied after check-out

(offer may not be combined with other discounts)


Color Description Unit Qty Add
S-2701 Peacock Eyes   Add
S-2702 Northern Lights   Add
S-2703 Berryberry Pie   Add
S-2704 Plum Jelly   Add
S-2708 Oriental Caramel   Add
S-2709 Cappuccino Mint   Add
S-2711 Tahiti Grape   Add
S-2712 Monsoon Seas   Add
S-2714 Herb Garden   Add
S-2715 Spotted Kiwi   Add
S-2716 Celestial Blue   Add
S-2718 Cosmic Black   Add
S-2723 Grape Divine   Add
S-2724 Lotus Blossom   Add
S-2725 Safari   Add
S-2726 Cheetah   Add
S-2727 Poppy Fields   Add
S-2729 Citrus Splash   Add
S-2731 Kaboom   Add
Glaze - Mayco / Mayco Crystalites™ S - 2000's