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Small Studio Equipment & Tools / Glaze Mixing Accessories / Hydrometer


Works for both glaze and slip.
0 - 70 baume or 1.000 - 2.000 gravity. 11.5" long.
Measures the approximate specific gravity of liquids.

The Hydrometer will allow you to check the viscosity of your slip and glazes for consistent results.
Simply lower the hydrometer gently into the mixture and take a reading of the number (specific gravity) to which the hydrometer sinks into the liquid.
With this measurement you can make necessary adjustments.
When reclaiming slip a hydrometer is a necessity.
Detailed instructions and calibration certificate are enclosed.

Note: Water has a specific gravity of 1.00. The more dense the liquid the higher the specific gravity reading.
Glazes ranges vary - but most have readings between 1.325 - 1.60; with clear and dipping glazes being toward the lower end of specific gravity.
Brushing and matte opaque glazes being thicker - have higher readings.
Slip clays, casting clay and porcelains have standard readings ranging between 1.7500 spg and 1.82500 spg.
Glazes and slips have no single correct target reading, but only guidelines for you the user to obtain and either repeat or adjust from any given starting point.


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Small Studio Equipment & Tools / Glaze Mixing Accessories / Hydrometer