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/ / Brent Quick Center Clay System

Brent Quick Center Clay System

Center your clay - the first time - everytime.

Centering clay on a potter's wheel has never been easier. Students can feel 'center' and develop confidence while successfully throwing on the wheel the very first time with the Brent QuickCenter System


Begin centering up to 4 pounds of clay in three easy steps: 

  1. Load the Canister/Plunger with clay by pressing into wedged clay (see photo #1).
  2. Place the Universal Adaptor and Recessed Bat onto the wheel head using the QuickCenter bat pins (see photo #2).
  3. Center the Canister/Plunger into the Recessed Bat Set, release the clay and begin throwing (see photo #3).

Complete Quickcenter System includes:

1 universal adaptor

1 recessed bat (14" diameter)

4 Quickcenter bat pins

1 Canister/Plunger

5 False Bottoms -- Only one false bottom is used at a time, which drops into the recessed bat. Four replacements are also included.


parts pdf


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
ABQCS Brent Complete Centering System #22869E  $224.00  Add
ABQBPS QuickCenter Bat Pins Set #22885X  $11.20  Add
ABQCE Ejector #22898N  $4.60  Add
ABQCP Clay Plunger #22896k  $101.00  Add
ABQFBS False Bottom Set (5) #22891DSet of 5 $20.75  Add
ABQRB14 Recessed Bat #22883V14 $22.00  Add
ABQUA14 Universal Adapter #22882T14 $27.00  Add
/ / Brent Quick Center Clay System