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/ / Continental Clay Majolica Base Glazes

Continental Clay Majolica Base Glazes

Cone 06-05 

  • Our Majolica glaze is an off-white, opaque, soft gloss glaze primarily intended for use over terracotta clay bodies with our on-glaze liner colors for beautiful brushed drawings or patterns in the Italian tradition.
  • Majolica white may also be used under our transparent color series for a variety of effects.
  • Mix 100 parts dry glaze to 60 parts water by weight or 1 lb glaze to slightly less that 1-/4 cups water.
  • Apply thicker than you would normally apply other glazes.
  • Bisque to cone 04.
  • Glaze fire to 05. 
  • For a brighter white base try our GC127 white.



Color Description Unit Qty Add
GC440: Majolica Glaze   Add
GC127: White Base Glaze   Add
/ / Continental Clay Majolica Base Glazes